Write a book – Are you serious?

My teenage granddaughter uses the phrase, are you serious. Any time i say something that is out of the ordinary for a grandmother to do or tell her some internet marketing stuff i is doing she says, are you serious. Meaning, i cannot believe that my grandmother is really doing this stuff! Or, does she really mean it.

My first temptation is to say in that teenage jargon, are you serious. The wannabe authors get excited as they tell me briefly about their book idea. For a brief time i listen to their great idea. Many of them really are great ideas in my opinion. Some want me to help them get their ideas in writing.

We have heard this question many times, is there a book inside of you. Most of us will say yes, but when it comes to really writing that book, even when they have some coaching to help them bring their ideas to fruition, they get stuck. They hit a roadblock.

You cannot write a book by osmosis.

Wannabe writers now realize that the four-letter words work and time are involved. They are out of their comfort zone. It will take more time than they are willing to give to write their book.

Even when you have a ghostwriter there is a time commitment required. The reality is that if you want to write a book, you must be actively involved every step of the way whether you write it yourself or you have a ghostwriter do it for you. A ghostwriter needs your time to get your ideas and develop the book.

 I do not have time, is the excuse. So, no time is an excuse. It is a way of protecting yourself from perceived failure, unsure of how to write the book, or unclear of the purpose behind the book.

If you are really, really serious about writing a book, there are some things you can do to get you started and get your book completed and how much does it cost to write a book? The tips below are only for the committed- you are ready to write, know your subject well, and are willing to sacrifice some of your precious time to do it.

If you are strategic goal is to finish your book in three months that means you must complete a minimum of one chapter each week if they are long chapters of 10-12 double spaced pages. If they are shorter than your goal is to finish at least two chapters each week. At the end of three months you will have completed 12 long chapters or 24 or more short chapters. If 90 days is not realistic for you, then plan for a longer period of time to finish your book. You must put it in writing and commit to it. For example, i will write and finish one chapter a week.